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Introduction of NAU Graduate Student Union

Established in 1985, NAU Graduate Student Union is a mass organization for all graduate students under the leadership of school Party Committee and the guidance of graduate students’ affairs department of the Party Committee and school youth league committee, which represents and protects the interests of all graduate students. In the meantime, it is a presidium unit of Jiangsu Students’ Federation. It has been making efforts to promote NAU’s scientific development, diversify campus culture, and activate graduate students’ thoughts, with "to serve all graduate students wholeheartedly" as its aim, "self-education, self-management, self-service and self-discipline" as its guideline and "to maintain the legitimate interests of all graduate students" as basic task

There are twelve functional centers subordinated to the graduate student union: office, organization and construction center, graduate media operation center, graduate media news center, graduate media design center, academic exchange center, art center, sports center,equity service centers, practice and volunteer service center, external contact center and mass organizations united center. All of them follow the leadership of graduate student union presidium, which is the top-level decision-making body during the inter-sessional period of NAU graduate student congress, and in charge of the overall planning of work and activities of the graduate student union.

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