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Courses offered in English


Principles and Techniques of Agricultural Remote Sensing



Molecular Plant Breeding

Plant-Microorganisms Molecular Interactions

Advanced Ecology

English for Horticulture Major

Principles of Animal Breeding and Reproduction

Advanced Animal Nutrition


WTO and Agricultural Negotiation

International Logistics and Supply Chain Management

Price Conduction and Market Integration: Applied Time Series Analysis

English Paper Writing for Economic and Management Majors

EU Agricultural Policies: Trend and Determinant

Development Microeconomics

Advanced Veterinary Clinical Diagnosis

Genetic Engineering

English Scientific Writing

Biomedicine Frontier

Modern Animal Immunology

Modern Animal Biochemistry

Advanced Food Nutrition and Chemistry

New Techniques of Food Processing and Testing

Modern Food Biotechnology

Principles of Urban Planning and Land Use Planning

Public Management

Research Methodology for Management

Scientific Paper Writing

Farmer Household’s Economics

Research Methodology for Social Science

Optimality Theory and Methods

Advanced Microbiology


Modern Biochemistry

Modern Plant Physiology

Advanced Corporate Finance

Grass Molecular Biology Development

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